Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bachelorette Rock Party

Orang2 selalu buat party bujang kat private club or private restaurant.. But for my Bachelorette party mmg lain skit.. My friends and my bos celeb bachelorette party sy kat studio...  Sambil nyanyi2, karaoke2 n jamming. Tak da la bachelorette party sangat la kan sb ada bachelor2 hantu karaoke join skali. hihi~

Since geng2 ni mmg karaoke monster, so Intan & husband (my bos aka pemilik studio) dengan baik hati nya menjadi host Bachelorette Rock Party sy bersama B2B Liana.. Thank you so much Intan ♥ ♥ 

FYI D'Chorus Studio mmg terbaik la. Sound system best, list lagu2 karaoke updated and music instrument pon bagus2.... Siap bole buat voice recording lagi. Excited okkkeeee! Nt nk ajak my Fiancee buat recording kat sane la... Saje mencuba hobi baru... Hihi~

Studio ni jg ada sedia kan service utk wedding event, PA systems and equipment rental. Sape2 yang berminat boleh tros contact studio owner ni k...

Jamming, Recording, Album Production, Event Management, Equipment Rentals
All our workspaces are sound proofed and acoustically treated to produce the best sound quality for your live practice or track by track recording and mixing, all at an affordable and negotiable rates to suite your budget.

Come & enjoy ~!



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