Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Woman Gain Weight After Marriage?

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It is found that couples who are married, face the risk of becoming obese than compared to people, in romantic relationships, who are not living together. A new study conducted by the University of North Carolina says that the loving relationship between married couples increases their waistline too. Couples start piling on the pounds in about 12 months after getting hitched.

Nutritionists and doctors feel that when women get married, they undergo a lot of physical and psychological changes. And this is manifested both internally and externally. A girl undergoes many emotional and hormonal changes. They also develop a general sense of wellbeing, that comes with having sex with the person you love. And all this increases one’s appetite.

After marriage couples get invited to a lot of lunches and dinners by family and friends. There is a lot of unrestricted eating. Also women tend to let go their dietary control after they are married as they are at ease, with a sense of settlement, and their diet goes awry.


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